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                        Hughes Knives.                                  Custom made knives in the Ozarks hills                of Missouri- U.S.A.

Our knives are made from 1075/1080, 1095, 01, D2 15n20, L6, 440c, Ats 34, 154cm. and Damascus. I start from good quality steel to end up with good quality knives. 
All our knives are hand made here in the U.S.A.  No two knives are exactly the same.  I cryo and double temper my knives 

My name is Cody Hughes.  have been a Kenpo practitioner since 1995. becoming a 6 th degree black belt under the Great Grand Master Jim Mitchell.  
I have been helping teach and train people of all walks of life; size and sex aren't a barrier.  I help others live free of fear. I enjoy teaching people how to defend themselves through skilled and coordinated manipulation of the hands, feet, knees and elbows. I teach them how to become swift, precise, graceful, powerful  and accurate. You never know when you will have to save your life or the life of a loved one. 
I make hand made knives and love doing it. I live in Missouri in the beautiful Ozark hills.  I have been making knives since 1985.  I started my first trap line. at the age of  5 with the help of my dad, and by the time I was 10, I was running a 2 dozen trap line, braking horses. and made my  first hand made knife. I quickly realized the difference between a hand made knife and store bought knife. I will always go back to a hand made knife every time. 
At 16 I worked with my dad on an oil well, as a mud logger in the summer time. My Jr. and part of my sr. year of high school I worked at Rainbow trout park. in Rockbridge Missouri. In the middle of my Sr. year of school I started working at a rock quarry. I even had to take off work to go to my High school graduation. At the age of 23. I became a Truck driver.  I have been a part time knife maker for a long time but I realize its not the number of years you have been doing it but rather the time you put in it.