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                  CH 2 Skinner.
Is displayed in 1075 carbon steel blade brass bolster and black ink cocobolo. Dymondwood handle knife is 7 3/4 long.  The blade is 3/34 long and is priced at $130.
                        H. Fox
   Top is displayed in1075 carbon steel
   brass bolster and Bloodwood handle. 
                1075 Fox is priced at $130.

   Bottom is displayed in Damascus steel
   brass bolster and Bloodwood handle.
                Damascus Fox is priced at $225.             
   All our knives come with a hand sewn sheath. 
                      H.Whitetail Ex
          Top is displayed in 1075 carbon steel brass
          bolster and Bloodwood handle.
              H. Whitetail Ex 1075 carbon steel blade is
           priced at $130.

              H.Whitetail Ex in Damascus steel is 
           priced at $225.